Party Planning Tips

3 Party Planning Tips from Tandoor chef Indian Food

We're in the middle of the busiest season of the year. Between shopping, travel, family reunions and more shopping, how do you expect to pull together the party of the season?

We've got a few simple tips that every host and hostess can (and should!) follow. Plus! A killer menu complete with authentic Indian dishes that are sure to make all the vegans, gluten-free and meat lovers in your life happy.

Tandoor Chef Checklist

Stay Organized
Make a comprehensive to-do list to keep everything organized. This master to-do list should include everything from a shopping list that ensures you won't forget any supplies to a guest list to track of contact information, dietary restrictions and RSVPs

Tandoor Chef Plan the Ultimate Menu

Plan the Ultimate Menu
Make sure that every guest can party like it’s 2016 … Because it soon will be! Keep the energy high with a menu that’s sure to satisfy. When you share Tandoor Chef appetizers, like Palak Paneer Samosa, you can bet there won’t be a hungry guest in the house!

Tandoor Chef Stock the bar

Stock the Bar
You don’t have to spend your entire budget on stocking the bar! Aim for about 50% beer, 25% wine and 25% liquor. If you’re really stumped on what to serve with your complete menu of Tandoor Chef appetizers, try our Drink Pairing App. Ring in the holiday season with a bang!

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