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  You’re adventurous but are your friends?

You're adventurous ... but are your friends?

You're an adventurous eater but what if your friend is not? It may be as easy as heating up our Channa Masala to entice them. If not, don't let the picky eater discourage you! Open their mind up to new flavors and dishes in 3 easy steps.

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Step #1: Set them - and your table - up for success.

When they're trying something new, like our Chicken Curry, put a little extra effort in setting the table with garnishes, spices and complimentary side dishes to build their meal experience. This will help them to eat with more intent, focusing on each distinct flavor.

Tandoori Mango Lassi

Step #2: Ease into it.

Learn to tone down spices. If they're trying a spicy Tandoori Chicken Samosas for the first time, have a bit of sour cream, Mango Lassi or Greek yogurt on hand to temper the spice kick. The cream will cool the heat, so that they’ll experience the full palate of flavors without scalding their mouth.

Step #3: Mind over matter.

We often fool ourselves into thinking we won’t like certain foods. The next time you give your friend a new dish to try, encourage them to take that first bite with an open mind and with confidence!

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