Food that boosts mood

A healthier and happier you! Foods that boost your mood

Did you know you can fuel your happiness? "Emotions begin in biology, with two nerve cells rubbing together, and those nerve cells are made of nutrients in food," explains Drew Ramsey, MD. Follow these three simple rules for a healthier, happier day:

1. Eat more spinach: Packed with folate, spinach is a great way to improve your mental health and drive away depression. We love it in our Chicken Tandoori with Spinach.

2. Ditch the junk: Eating junk food can often make us more stressed. Give yourself a break and fuel up with lots of veggies!

3. Color your world: Mom’s dinnertime rule still applies: Eat the rainbow! Colorful fruits and veggies should fill your plate. Our favorite way to do so is with our Balanced Vegetarian Vegetable Korma!

Tandoor Chef Chicken Tandoori with Spinach Marinated and tandoori roasted chicken breast in creamy spinach.

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