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Rethink your frozen food with Tandoor Chef

3 foolproof ways to make the most of your frozen food:

Just by virtue of being a Tandoor Chef lover, we know it's true: You're not only a frozen food fan, you're a frozen Indian food fanatic! This National Frozen Food Month, we've got three foolproof ways to make the most of the hidden gems in that treasure chest known as a freezer.

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Rethink your frozen food with Tandoor chef

#1: Ditch the preservatives.

Freezing is a simple, preservative-free way to keep the food you love fresh. A ripe avocado? Fresh for only a couple of days before it goes brown. Tender boneless chicken simmered and seasoned in a zesty, authentic Indian sauce in our Chicken Curry however, can stay fresh in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy it!

#2: Break seasonal barriers.

With the magic of freezing, you can enjoy all of your favorite seasonal veggies year-round. Which nutrient-rich vegetable in our Balanced Vegetarian Vegetable Korma is your go-to?

#3: Waste less.

Did you know that seven in ten households regularly throw away up to twenty items of fresh or chilled food straight into the trash every month? Don't break the bank and go frozen!

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