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Want to know more about the ingredients found in your favorite Tandoor Chef entrèe or about the region from which your go-to curry dish originates? Let us be your guide as you explore the delicious and culturally rich world of Indian cuisine!

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Question: What is the difference between Northern and Southern Indian cuisine?

Answer: Much of the food found in northern India has been influenced by the traditions brought to India by immigrants from Central Asia. It usually incorporates more dairy and features more flat breads. By contrast, food found in southern India reflects the area’s warmer, tropical climate. Here, you’ll find meals that include more rice and feature fish.

Tandoor Chef Kofta Curry A northern Indian specialty, Kofta Curry is traditionally for special occasions, but we pair it perfectly with Naan for a delicious every day meal.

Question: Which Indian dishes should I try as someone tasting it for the first time?

Answer: Not sure where to start? We certainly do! Take baby steps outside of your comfort zone with our four tips right here.

Tandoor Chef Chicken Tikka Masala Boneless chicken breast marinated, roasted and simmered in a robust, creamy sauce.

Question: How can I incorporate the taste of Indian food into my everyday meals?

Answer: We're Indian spice experts with a passion for sharing everything Indian inspired. To celebrate, recreate your favorite Tandoor Chef flavors at home with our five easy cooking hacks right here!

Tandoor Chef Vegetable Masala Burgers Vegetable Masala Burgers are all natural patties made of fresh vegetables and choice spices.

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