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3 ways to make your day better with Tandoor Chef

3 ways we'll make your work day better

When noon rolls around, pull yourself away from your computer and make an effort to take a lunch break that will renew you rather than bog you down. We’ve taken the mystery out of deciding what to eat with our 31 Days of Lunch Recipes Under 400 Calories, now it's up to you to rise to the occasion. Let lunch fuel you for greatness!

Tandoor Chef and brain health

You might be surprised to know ...

Your brain needs protein rather than carbohydrates to stay alert throughout the day. Avoid sluggishness after your lunch break. With 26 grams of protein in our Lamb Vindaloo, you'll give your brain a boost for sure!

Take a lunch break with Tandoor Chef

Alarmingly ...

Your cognitive resources are scarce and are easily depleted. Taking a lunch break provides an opportunity for your brain to recuperate. In the time it takes you to walk back to the kitchen and heat up your favorite Tandoor Chef entrèe, you'll be ready to tackle the second half of the day!

Find your inner OMMM with Tandoor Chef Indian food

Find your inner OMMM ...

... and meditate. It can re-center your thoughts, setting you up for a power-packed afternoon. Don't be scared away! You only need to meditate for a few minutes to reap the benefits. Simply be present when you’re eating your Tandoor Chef Balanced Vegetarian Kofta Curry and focus on nothing but enjoying your lunchtime.

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