Post Workout Foods

5 Great Foods to Eat Post Workout from Tandoor Chef  

  1. Whole wheat toast with banana and cinnamon: It's all about the right mix of carbs after breaking a sweat! The whole wheat toast with fruit charges your body with both simple and complex carbs, plus the cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar and improve brain function.

  2. Chicken and rice: Eating lean meat, like grilled chicken, and a refined starch, like rice, is great after a workout to maintain muscle development and consistent weight loss. Our Chicken Biryani is a great way to eat right and enjoy some great flavors post workout.

  3. Chocolate milk: Studies have shown that enjoying this chocolate-y reward after breaking a sweat is better than drinking water or sports drinks. It helps replace carbs and protein for muscle recovery, water content lost when sweating, plus it restores calcium, sodium and sugar – all of which help the body regain energy.

  4. Yogurt: A great source of carbohydrates, yogurt also helps with muscle soreness when mixed with micronutrient-packed fresh berries. Try our recipe of the month - Raita - for a quick and easy side dish to our Palak Paneer.

  5. Multi-grain crackers and hummus: Hummus is shown to help with weight management, plus chickpeas help lower cholesterol. Enjoying this tasty spread on a cracker with less calories is a great way to recharge after exercise.

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