Palak Paneer Samosa

Palak Paneer Samosa

Creamy, spiced spinach and paneer cheese cooked in traditional style; stuffed into crispy pockets.

Chicken Tandoori with Spinach

Chicken Tandoori with Spinach
Marinated and tandoori roasted chicken breast in creamy spinach.

Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb Vindaloo
with Turmeric-Infused Basmati Rice

Succulent lamb marinated and simmered in a rich, traditionally-spicy sauce; served with turmeric-infused basmati rice.

Balanced Vegetarian Kofta Curry

Balanced Vegetarian Kofta Curry
with Channa Masala & Spinach Basmati Pilaf

Vegetable dumplings seasoned with exotic spices and simmered in a spicy sauce alongside chickpeas sautéed with onions, tomatoes, peppers and exotic spices served with a side of Basmati pilaf. Made with Olive Oil.

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Turmeric Spice Facts from Tandoor Chef  

Teaching Turmeric

  1. Turmeric helps to increase the antioxidant capacity of the body.
  2. In some cases Turmeric has shown to help prevent and treat cancer.
  3. Naturally antiseptic and an antibacterial agent, it is useful in disinfecting cuts and burns.
  4. This spice has anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. A metabolism boost, Turmeric helps with weight management.

Turmeric versus Curcumin . . . What’s the Difference?

You may have seen Turmeric and Curcumin used interchangeably. We have finally put the dispute to rest. Curcumin is a chemical compound naturally found in Turmeric and is more commonly used in herbal healing. Turmeric is a yellowish powder that flavors foods and is, of course, used in many of our dishes!

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